Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Turtle and the Sea

Once upon a time there was a turtle, when he was born at some sea side at  the time when there was a storm going on in the sea; at that time the turtle felt scared of the storm and sea and decided never to go in to the sea to avoid the storm altogether, over next few days and weeks all his friends bid their good bye, went into the sea and started doing things turtles are supposed to and this guy alone choosing to staying  behind

Seasons changed and the time passed and somehow the turtle survived living off the shore. After some time when the mating season came other turtles started visiting the shore again he met again some of his friends. He told them (proudly) that he felt very secure here, the food is in plenty at the shore and he is the star attraction of the people visiting the shore.

One of his old mate and his best buddy kept on hearing patiently and after some time asked him  - I understand you are healthy and happy here, people love you a lot but is that what you really want? Are you really NOT going to enjoy your life due to one storm?

Yes off course storms will come, but they also will pass away as well, Yes there are fishes in the sea which can eat us up, but there are also the most beautiful things in the sea which can NOT even dream to see in your life. You can always remain at the shore being scared but remember it is NOT  up to others to find the meaning of your life from the events happening around but it is only up to you on how you see or perceive them, the devil and the saint are only inside you; it is okay to be scared but it is a SIN to live a life in a shell being scared or something, instead of overcoming the fear and enjoying the god given opportunity… remember it is only up to you on making the choice between “to die daily with fear” or “having one life time in its full beauty, glory and valor"

~lokesh v. (L)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thanks for the birthday wishes

What makes a birthday a special day? 

·         Is it because we survived one more year?
·         Is it because we are one more year older?
·         Is it because we consider our-self one more year wiser?

Well I would say the only thing which makes a birthday special for me are feelings and memories.. feelings and memories of the time which passed back, which has bought us where we are - right this moment; Off course all the times are not the one which we do want to remember, but at the same time - those bitter pills were also the part of journey…

I had a surreal day today – which I have NOT felt in a long long time – thanks to some named and some yet un-named ones; For all the wishes and blessing I received today, all I can say is – I thank you all - 

I thank you all for the memories of the time passed, I thank you all for telling me that some of you may not be in touch but still there is some moment every year in your life when I’m remembered, wished and blessed, I thank you all for telling me that you are there and care, and most importantly I thank you all for all the blessings and wishes for the part of road which is yet to traveled - a road of life….

~lokesh v. (XLIX)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Soocha naa tha...

Chalo aaj kuch roomani likthe hai....

Bahaaro maine kabhi aaisa samaa bhi hoga, soocha naa thaa

Hawaoo maine kabhi aaise khusboo bhi hoogi, soocha naa tha

Chandni maine - sapne hoo bhi sakte hai itne rooshan, soocha naa tha

Kissi kee aakho maine dunia dikh see jaati hai, soocha naa thaa

Kissi ke muskaan see khushi bhaagi - bhaagi see chaali aati hai, soocha naa tha

Kisse kee saaso maine hoo sakti hai itne kushboo, soocha naa tha

Woo kehte hai humse, kee hum kya soochte hai

Aab koi batlaye yaa hum batlaye, Kee aise hoogi humari sooch, humne kabhi soocha naa tha…

~lokesh v. (XLVIII)

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Superhero within (From My geekier side)

We all live in a realistic world; but our hopes and dreams are often found on some elusive space where imagination wins over reality and wanders in the zone where everything and everyone revolves around us – we become the center of the Universe and the precipice of existence of this wonderland is driven by our existence. We become a superhero there, are blessed with the various powers, make huge sacrifices, saving the world, get loved by all, bear power to destroy or save anything….

I often ask myself, what do want to be – just a regular Jon Doe like a Person next door or someone yearns to be blessed with some superpowers?

Well as a first instinct the answer is pretty simple – I mean who would not want to have some uber cool power to show off with…. Ha ha ha… but what about the price of the same (There are no free lunches in life). Am I willing to pay the price for it… Even Superman has to move away from the his love to follow his moral high grounds…. Beside the price part there is also another an interesting aspect of the same – Power, Will I be able to stay humble and sensible with the overdose of such a strong dose of power.. I mean – to decide to let someone survive or not survive is a pretty big deal, Am I mature to own and carry that kind of responsibility… Probably NO!!

Super hero – huh, it is a weird word, what does it mean actually, who is a super hero, has any one seen it a real life, well since our kiddy days have been reading about them, the new generations dare not miss any movies made on them…. But do they really exist…..? Probably YES, Probably NO, or may be they exist but we not looking for them the right eyes..

Changing the viewpoint:-
If we look the right way we will probably find a super hero in all of us , to take a few examples (keeping personality in dark) – a person working 80 hrs a week and still managing a time for some charity work, someone who is blasted by his boss in the office still carrying a smiling face to his family, a single mother working multiple jobs and still finding time to cooks kid’s fav dish; if they are not a superhero then who is…

I guess what I’m trying to say / feeling is a one can accomplish almost any task if the intent and commitment are there, there will be times for sure but when back will be pushed against the wall really hard and what is differentiates a regular Jon Doe from a Superman is probably how they rise from the pit instead of staying there with dejection in their minds and un-satisfaction in their souls.

Summing it up, I may not a be superhero right now but on the way of becoming one for sure.. ;)

~lokesh v. (XLVII)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Deepawali wishes....

Deepawali is the festival of celebration and light

May this Deepawali not only brighten your home,
but also brighten your mind and soul with peace and happiness

May this Deepawali not only be a mere celebration, 
but a celebration of life, joy and prosperity

Wishing you a very Happy Deepawali

~lokesh v. (LXVI)